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Superior Compatibility

Our products are compatible and interchangeable with most popular brands of transmitters and receivers, and work with most popular garage door and gate openers and security alarm systems.


The following is our product compatibility list by manufacturer and our keystone model information chart.


All full size transmitters come with a metal visor clip.

P294 receivers-318MHz and M294 receiver-300MHz universal receiver comes equipped with floppy Antenna & (F-type) connector to screw on.

Hard wire or co-ax cable extension hard wire antenna additional-$3.10

Receiver will work in virtually all applications. It has switch selections for 12 volt or 24 volts both A.C & D/C.

Select pulsed output or continuous output.

KEYSTONE HEDDOLF 2 & 3 button transmitters have (8) dip switches you can set (+ 0 -)

Set the first eight switches in the transmitter to match exactly as receiver.

Set the ninth dip switch (+ 0 -) to the same setting as the button you wish to use.

e.g., On a Dual Transitter, if you set the Left button to open your gate, you would use the Right button to open your garage door.


®Chamberlain, ®Sears, ®Overhead Door, ®Linear, ®All Star, ®Pulsar and ®Stanley are all registered trademarks of their respective company

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